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Living in a flat does seem alien and I'm not entirely comfortable with this development. However, leaving the flat or doing anything other than sleeping or drinking tea appears to be quite beyond my capabilities right now. I think I have been caught by the comfort trap, I'm not putting in a huge amount of effort to escape, perhaps a few days of spoiling myself are in order.

Little things make all the difference, like washing clothes in a washing machine - it's the easiest thing in the world to put them in a machine, press a button and then forget about them until they need to be hung up. Previously I had to walk to fetch water, heat it over a fire, wash things by hand, fetch more water to rinse them off and then having to construct a roof to hang them under if it was raining. Washing clothes is no longer a chore, it's easy. As is everything else. I even have access to a freezer, you can put ice cream in a freezer, I have eaten a lot of ice cream in the past few day.

Now I have to leave the flat and head to Oxford and I really don't want to leave the comfort behind, I have been saying this all day. Really must go now.

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