Cafe Puccinos. Golden Cross.


Quite a quirky place with plenty of amusing pictures and comments about the place, the tables outside make for a nice enough location to have a drink.

Don't bother eating there though.

I had breakfast there today. £5.95 for bacon, "lightly scrambled eggs", grilled tomato, sausage, croissant, mushrooms, sauteed potato and a cup of tea or coffee.

The bacon was of reasonable quality but not cooked sufficiently to make it palatable, some one had attempted to grill it but had succeeded in doing little more than sticking the three slices together in a congealed pink mess.

The sausage hovered somewhere between anemic and raw and most certainly was not served at any where near a sufficient temperature to kill off any lurking bugs, I'm not entirely sure but I do think I read somewhere that it is important to cook pork products properly.

 The "lightly scrambled eggs" might have been lightly scrambled once upon a time, possibly a number of hours previously. They were tough, rubbery and could not have been mistaken for something anyone would want to eat given a choice.

The croissant was ok if a little burnt and stodgy.

The grilled tomato wasn't, grilled that is. The top of it was ever so slightly not cold, maybe that counts as grilled in some circles.

The sauted potatoes were limp, soggy, lifeless and not very appealing at all.

 I'm not sure how the mushrooms had been cooked, they could have been boiled or fried it was difficult to tell but they were tasty enough.

The tea was OK.


I'm not sure quite how the breakfast was prepared, I rather suspect that everything had been made previously and then microwaved.  


It's a nice enough place, they do nice hot chocolate and the staff are friendly enough. It is a shame the food sucks. 

I recently discovered that Puccinos is owned by the same people who do the food on the trains - suddenly it all starts to make sense.