The state of play


Money, it comes down to money, equipment, inoculation and training. Before going off to live in the jungle there are a number of things that are needed. Quite a lot of things and they all cost money, I haven't added it all up but I think I need to raise about £5000 - £7000 before I can set off to the jungle. Anyone who is coming out for a month or two of the year will probably need to raise about £2000.

Stuff we have.


Camping equipment - various but need more.

One ticket to Brazil, not sure how useful this is as we are trying to get to the North of South America but it is a step in the right direction.  NOW LOST - going to try to work my passage on a Yacht.

Cost price expedition first aid course.

Help with UK survival training and selection of expedition member.

Free web hosting.


Stuff we need.


Satellite phone, ideally with lots of minutes to be used and / or

Satellite modem

Flight(s) to the right part of South America and / or working passage on a yacht (currently investigating the latter option).

Medical insurance

Lots of inoculations

Emergency food supplies

Medical supplies

Antil malarials

Money for jungle survival courses

Spanish language lessons.

Emergency cash (helicopter evacuation for when it all gets too much and I need to go home and see my mum).

Ruggedised solar panels

Ruggedised trickle feed battery

2 ladders (for climbing the volcano with).


The list goes on, I'll be adding to it as I think of more things and keep the list updated as things are covered.

I am constantly writing to possible sponsors of this expedition, so far the response has been great take a look here for some of the people who are getting involved. However, there is still a lot more support needed so if you do know of any company who might be interested in supporting mission improbable please do contact us.