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The Oxford Student Fresher's Week Story.

Now I heard this story from someone who swears blind that a friend of his was the perpetrator of this act, maybe it is true.

X for that is what we shall call him was enjoying his first week of university in the traditional fashion, he was in a club and drunk, in fact he was so drunk that he suddenly became aware that he was going to be sick. Being a civilised individual he decided to rush off to the loo, supposed reasoning is that being sick on the dance floor would win him no favours with the girls he was trying to impress. On arrival in the mens-room X was dismayed to discover that all the cubicles were full. X couldn't wait. Fortunately X is a resourceful individual and so managed to gain access to one of the cubicles with the cunning application of foot to door at some velocity. This was fortunate indeed as the urge to be sick was now so strong that he did just that, all over the guy who was sitting right in front of him. At this point X displays a quick witnessed that was quite probably key to his entrance into Oxford for at this point he realises that the individual in front of him was none to pleased and was quite possibly going to offer him considerable violence. All is not lost though, oh no, for as we have already established X is a resourceful individual and so it came to pass that X punched the sitter, knocked him out and then ran away. I rather suspect that X has a long and happy career as a politician awaiting him.

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