Mutiple Streams

I’m sitting at work feeling kind of gloomy, the pale green walls of my cubicle stare back at my glazed eyes, half a cup of coffee sits and flirts with my mouse, and it’s snowing outside but nothing looks different in here. I’m locked in my 8 x 8 cell, where I’ll be for the next 7.12 years in straight time not counting nights, weekends, and bathroom breaks. I don’t know why I’m here, other than financial necessity and my own lack of ambition, but I’m hanging on and hoping to catch a break sometime soon. It’s snowing, not much, but the land is white and the roads a little slushy, just enough to tease and remind how fun it would be to build a snowman or have a snowball fight with friends. I wish it would snow and snow forever, a ton, 10 feet of powder, so I could take a week off for contemplation. Maybe that’s why people live up North.

This thing called multiple streams of revenue I’ve been hearing about, that’s what I need to get going, become a freelance something or other and make a little bit here and there off this and that. Fluent French and aggressive lead guitar playing certainly don’t belong on my four paragraph resume, which itself resembles a snow covered field, littered with corporate mumbo jumbo and power verbs. Multiple streams instead of a fixed income, that sounds a bit risky, yet it’s strange that I’m not that conservative when it comes to spending my money, but I am when it comes to earning it. Maybe a few risks are just the thing I need, or at least the feeling of starting something small but significant.

Oh gloom and doom are upon me…. But it is Friday after all; let’s not forget that little fact.

Words by Mdx

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