The Plan.




To walk coast to coast across South America following the line of the equator as far as is feasibly possible whilst raising as much sponsorship money as possible for Rainforest Concern.

The Mission itself

Mission Improbable starts in earnest on September the 20th 2008 with three weeks jungle training in Guyana with an ex SAS officer and local Amerindian guides. Then I'll be heading down to the coastal city of of Macapa in Brazil that marks the easterly end of the equator and the start of my journey. From here I turn my back on the Atlantic ocean, head due west towards the coastal town of Coaque in Ecuador and the Pacific ocean. The journey ahead covers roughly 2,200 miles as the crow flies and will take me through the Amazon rainforest, across the Andes, over sunbaked savannah and over / through numerous rivers. It will be the hardest challenge, mentally and physically that I can imagine putting myself through.



My progress can be followed through my blog that will be run from a ruggedised lap top, attached to ruggedised solar panels attached to satellite phone. Simple! Well, not that simple for more information on how it's going see here