Breathless at Carnival

My god has the carnival been good? I just don’t know how to describe the total mayhem. It’s been non stop dancing and music all night and day; last night was the most intense dancing experience of my life. They know how to party here all right. Colours, costumes, floats, music, I’ve been interacting with the locals. I love the Brazilians, they are so much fun and this has been the best party of my life. The streets are loaded with people; it is simply incredible and utterly surreal. I have been sporting a cat mask and an Indian feather dress and getting constantly sprayed with glitter, water, foam and god knows what. There was one point last night where we were following this float and these guys with massive afros dressed as women (a large percentage of the men do this) sort of stop us from moving on so there is a big gap between the crowd following and the float. We wait for the climax of the music and they shout √ĀDELANTE!!! and everyone legs it towards the float dancing your hardest. We had to take our flip flops off because you really have to go for it and when you lose one you have to try to get through herds of manically fucked people charging / dancing. Bloody hell! I don’t really know how to describe this experience in words! The decor is out of this world. Giant heads, people dressed up in anything you can imagine and everything that you will never have imagined. Lights, fruits, flowers, palm trees. I have been swimming at night in my clothes again (although this time in flip flops). Then watching the sunset dancing on the sand with hordes of people having it, not just large but the largest ever. Bubbles, capoeira, performances, art, guitar - a few floats playing guitar rock - and the a million people getting down in the streets all doing air guitar as hard as you can. So many wonderful cocktails- esp. caiperhinias, all fresh lime, cheap as you like. Tomorrow night we are going to see Fatboy Slim and some Brazilian djs at another block at Baha.



words by Fizzy

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