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I'm in Spain and I have to say, and I hope that I'm not gloating, that it is very lovely over here. The weather is currently like that of an English summer. That doesn't mean that it is raining but that it is nice and hot but not too hot, there is not a cloud in the sky. I'm here for two months and as well as learning to fish and picking up a bit of Spanish I'm helping to renovate a 350 year old house and massive garden. I'm living in a caravan in the garden which is kept from getting too hot by both being placed in the shade of an orange tree and by the cunning use of a desert camouflage net held aloft on a large gazebo frame. I can pick oranges from my front door in the morning, or I will be able to when they are ripe, currently they are still green but they smell oh so good when the skin is bruised with a thumb nail. For the time being I am having to make do with pomegranates which I have learnt are best to pick when they become so ripe that the skins burst open.

Also to be found in the garden are a large number of peach trees, sadly the season for them has past, a couple of olive trees and two large fig trees.The neighbours bring over tomatoes, cauliflowers and whatever is in season and they have an excess of. It all seems to be a rather idyllic lifestyle. My caravan is partly powered by solar and I hope to have it running completely off the sun by the time I leave.

Bit tired, hard work in the sun will do that to a person I believe, now a cold beer in the shade of a tree beckons.

First fishing lesson tonight.

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